After you've sent out surveys to your customers via email, you may wish to know how many of those emails have been opened so that you can track your email open rate. CustomerGauge offers a comprehensive Data Transport Report as well as individual reporting widgets such as Delivery Stats and Delivery Details, all which contain information pertaining to email opens.

You can also see the information as part of the Survey Transport timeline on the Customer Details Page.

You may be wondering, how do we know whether an email has been opened/how does that process work?

In order to track whether an email has been opened by the recipient, we embed a tiny, invisible pixel (image) into the email template. This is not visible when viewing/receiving the email, however, upon opening the email, this pixel tracker enables us to identify that the email has indeed been opened by the recipient. 

Note: Due to the way this functionality works, there may be some rare instances where you see that a survey has been clicked (or even completed), while the email is not registered as having been opened. 

There are two common reasons for this happening in general:

1) If you use the non-responses widget with survey links to send personalized reminders to your survey recipients, then it is possible that they can open the survey link without ever having opened one of the two emails they received from CG directly with the survey link, assuming that you included their unique survey URL in the personalized reminder that was sent outside of CustomerGauge.

2) If a survey recipient's email client or browser has settings which disable images and/or disable pixel tracking, then our system won't be able to recognize that they've opened the email, even if in reality, they have.