Welcome to the CustomerGauge Community! 

Here’s where you’ll find a buzzing community with business professionals from around the world with one common goal: to drive customer feedback in their organisation and take customer retention to the next level with CustomerGauge.

The CustomerGauge Community is made up of Users, Staff, our Partners and Subject Matter Experts and serves as your Go-To destination for CustomerGauge product know-how, peer-to-peer insights and support. The CustomerGauge Community will also work together with customers on how to improve the CustomerGauge product. 

We’d love to see community members connect with one another, share best practices on NPS and grow with their programs together. At the CustomerGauge community, you will also be able to contribute with ideas on how to make the CustomerGauge product better. 

When you’re ready to join community by sharing best practices, asking a question, answering somebody else’s or giving feedback on the CustomerGauge product, you’ll need to register to the CustomerGauge Community. Once confirmed as a CustomerGauge customer or employee, you will receive an activation email to set-up your password and explore the community. If you already have an account to manage your CustomerGauge support tickets, you can directly login using the same account details here.

Please refer to the CustomerGauge Community House Rules for more information on community usage guidelines.