The Delivery Stats Widget (part of Data Transport Data Source) is designed to provide insights into an uploaded record - right from whether the data was successfully uploaded to your system, through the sending stages to Net Response Rate. Compatible with Email, SMS and WhatsApp data tracking, this widget is ideal to have an overview of your delivery process.

How to Add: To add this widget to your report go to Add widget Data Transport data source Delivery Stats

Date Type: For optimal results in the Delivery Details Widget only works by Creation Date.

Tips to use: 

  • In the Edit section of the widget - you will be able to choose if you want to report on Emails or SMS information
  • You can choose which metrics you want to report on
  • A single record will be founded in multiple buckets on the Delivered Stats
  • Hover over the number to see the tool tip for the rate calculation
  • This widget shows the Net Response Rate (It eliminates post-sent failures records from the calculation)
  • This widget has the global data access restriction option

             Delivery Stats Widget

Status Definitions



All records that were successfully uploaded using any of the upload options – In-App upload, SFTP or API.
FailuresRecords that cannot be successfully processed by our mailing system or our service provider.
DeliveredAll the Emails, SMS's or WhatsApp messages that have been successfully delivered to the customer.
Delivered stats--
     Emails openedSurvey invitation which have been opened, with or without the customer proceeding to the survey.
     Surveys clickedSurvey links which have been clicked, with or without the customer completing the survey.
     AbandonedRecipient stopped the survey halfway. Did not complete the survey.
     UnsubscribedRecipient opened the message and unsubscribed
     ResponsesRecipient completed the survey
     Primary responsesSurvey completed on the first survey invitation
     Reminder deliveredRecords for which a reminder has been delivered.
     Reminder responsesSurvey completed on the survey reminder