The Non Response widget allows the user to view a generic or personalised list of survey recipients who have not yet responded to the survey. Account Managers can use this reporting view to know which of their contacts need a personal follow-up to take the survey.

The Non Responses Report shows a list of records of customers with email, order date, survey sent date, ID number that can be drilled down so that you can have more information and the Survey URL that provides the same survey link that was sent to your customer. 

Attention: Please be careful with the Survey Link shown against the records. Completing the survey link will result in the survey being completed and the results being stored in the tool.

Where to find and how to setup?

  • You can find the new widget under, Add widget → Responses Data Sources→ Non Responses
  • This widget can be added to any existing Reports/Dashboard or used to create a new standalone report
  • The widget can be accessed by any role that can create reports

What does  the widget offer?

  • The standard filter options for date type, date range, and various advanced options like country, company or division.
  • This widget now comes with "IS NOT" segment filters criteria (see below)
  • The entire survey link is now exportable
  • The widget allows you to export all the data that meets your criteria in one file (Large data files)
  • If you are copying the survey link from this report, you should right-click the "Survey URL" and click "Copy link address".

How to restrict access to the Survey Link?

  • Global Admins can choose who can see to the survey link when viewing the Non Response widget
  • The default configuration is to show the survey link only for Admins level users
  • To change this please go to System Admin → System Settings → Reports → Permissions. Here, Admins can control the roles that can see the link