The Task Details Report can be accessed in the menu under Fire Fighting ➝ Task Details.

The Task Details provides a sum of Open, Progress or Closed Cases for general issues and follow up required, survey results and actions and notes overview. You can also drill down on the blue numbers to get a clear view of the cases. As all widgets in that report is tables all of them can be exported as XLSX or PNG and is also possible to click on the headers to sort the columns.

Like on any report on the settings tab is possible to change the date type, date range, date and data grouping. If you don't want permanent changes, on on-the-fly filters you can also change most of the filters, advanced segments and see the results filtered loyalty is also possible.

Survey Results shows an overview of all completed surveys and comments.

Follow-up Requested shows only those cases where the customer specifically requested the follow-up.

Workflow General Issues shows all cases - including cases opened based on criteria like NPS score.

Actions and Notes shows all cases where any action has been taken.

Actions and Notes drill down instead of redirecting to the Responses List it shows the User Notes, that it shows the actions made on that specific customer.