In the Manual Campaigns section of the Delivery Manager you can create and edit manual email and survey campaigns. You can send these campaigns to Contacts stored in your Address Book, or to previous survey recipients.

There are different types of Manual Campaigns that you can send:

  • Introduction: you can use an Introduction email to announce to your customers ahead of time that you plan to send them a survey invitation
  • Invitation: the survey invitation email, which will include the link to your survey
  • Reminder: a reminder email with your invitation survey
  • General: any other type of email campaign you may like to send to your customers, for example a Thank You email or marketing campaign based on survey responses

Watch our video on How to setup a Survey Invitation Campaign or use the text outlined below to take you through the steps to setup up the campaign type of your choice.

Click 'Add new' to create a new campaign - or alternatively edit an existing campaign.


The Draft campaigns section allows you to configure your campaigns before you send them out.

  • First, determine who should receive a campaign - if only a subsection of your customers should receive this campaign, set up recipient filters.
  • Next, set up the email template you wish to send. When you click 'edit' for the email template, you will be directed to the Email Editor, where the system will ask you to decide which type of email you're planning to send. If you select 'introduction', 'general' or 'reminder' just the email template is sufficient. If you select 'invitation' you will also need to choose a survey and corresponding unsubscribe page, which you can edit by clicking the edit icon - you will be taken into the Survey Builder.
  • The reminder always get the survey and unsubscribe page from the first campaign sent to that recipient.
  • Once you have completed all necessary parts of a campaign, you will be able to send it out!

Please note: if you are sending a survey reminder , you should use the recipient filters to select 'Non-Responses' from your list of previous survey recipients. Check this article for more information about the recipient filters.

For more information on sending a manual Reminder campaign, have a look at our training video below:


Once a campaign has been sent, it will move into the Sent campaigns section. You can clone any of your sent campaigns so that you can reuse email templates, recipient filters and more. The cloned version will appear in the Drafts section where you can make any necessary edits. You can also check on the stats if your surveys were delivered, opened and answered.

If you would like to find out more about sending a manual Introduction campaign, have a look at this video:


Send a test invitation (Manual Campaign)

If you're using a Manual Campaign,

  • Upload your test records into your Address Book first via the Import Data feature, by clicking the 'Contact List' option.
  • In the Delivery Manager, use the Recipient Filters to find your test data (you could filter on your own company name, for example) and select your test records.
  • Next, hit Send on your campaign and you should quickly receive the survey invitations!
  • Click on the Stats icon next to the campaign to see the sending status, or to check for any errors if you haven't received the survey invitation after about 15 minutes.

Send the survey invitations (Manual Campaign)

If you're using a Manual Campaign, you should now clone the campaign you just sent as a test, select your actual recipients in Recipients filters, and send it off:

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