The Survey Builder allows you to edit your survey(s): you can change the wording, upload a new banner, edit your footer information, and even add and remove questions. Depending on your platform setup, you will find it in the menu either under Admin or Setup or embedded in the Delivery Manager (under Setup).

Beware: all changes to the survey take immediate effect once you save them. So be careful when using this functionality for live surveys!

Here's an overview of the Survey Builder options - we'll go into more detail about each option below.

The Different Types of Surveys: Regular, Anonymous & Unsubscribe Page

These three tabs allow you to navigate between your regular survey(s), your 'Anonymous Survey' if you have one, and the Unsubscribe pages. 

  • An Anonymous Survey is a survey link (URL) which can be shared and completed without uploading any data about the customer. If you don't have an Anonymous Survey in your system you can ignore this tab. 
  • The Unsubscribe pages, however, are very important: in most countries/districts you are legally obliged to include an Unsubscribe option in your survey invitation email, so you must ensure that the Unsubscribe pages are correctly in place.

Configure (All Surveys) Section

Survey Header Title (All Surveys): In the "Configure (All Surveys)" section, you can provide a common Survey header title for all your surveys. This will be shown in your customer's browser tab - we recommend you use your company name. Do note that this Header Title will be used for all surveys for all campaigns unless you have added a survey title on the individual survey group level as well. If you have setup a Header Title at an individual survey level (adding the Title widget on each survey page for a survey group) then this setting will not apply to it.

Upload Logo (All Surveys): Use this to upload the same logo for all your surveys. Logo you upload here will be automatically updated for all your campaigns that do not have a survey specific logo configuration setup. If you have a survey specific configuration setup then this setting will not take overwrite that. Please do not attempt to use this section in order to edit the logo for just one individual survey! 

Footer (All Surveys)

You can also set up a default survey footer which will show up at the bottom of each survey page. Make sure you use the link icon to include the correct URLs in your footer. You should include at least your company website here, and you may wish to include a link to your Privacy Statement or T&Cs. If you have setup footer information at an individual survey level then this setting will not apply to it.

Error Messages: Finally, on this page you should set up the error message that will show if a customer attempts to access a survey which they have already completed. Make sure you fill out the error message for all languages in which you survey your customers.

CSS Editor Section

Using the CSS Editor in the Survey Builder you can customise the standard survey layout to your preferred style. Some of the layout features you can edit are background image or colour, logo positioning, typeface (font, colour, size), button styles/colour and more.

The editor is located in a separate tab of the Survey Builder. You can create multiple CSS templates, and decide for each survey group which of these templates you want to use by clicking on the CSS symbol (which looks a little like a mirrored 'E').

Please find below a screenshot of the CSS Editor. Using the drop down at the top left you can either select and edit an existing CSS template or create a new template - don't forget to save any edits! The system will automatically number your custom CSS templates.

Using CSS templates, you can either have a separate layout for each of your surveys, or instead reuse the same layout for multiple surveys.

Please find attached two examples of CSS code used by our customers. We have also attached a gallery of images from some recent work showing the diversity of branding supported by our system.

Please note: although applying different CSS templates to your surveys with the dropdown option is simple, actually creating CSS templates requires CSS expertise. Your CSS template should work well on different types of devices and in different browsers. If you don't have anyone with CSS expertise available in-house, we are happy to connect you with a designer.

Editing Survey Page

In the Edit Survey view you can change the wording of your survey questions, and you can add/remove widgets. Be careful when editing live surveys, as any saved changes will take immediate effect. So if you delete the NPS question widget and save this change, and your customer subsequently opens the survey, they will not be able to give you an NPS score!

Some of the widgets have a maximum count per survey, like the NPS Question widget. Remember: the shorter a survey, the higher your response rate. So avoid adding all these widgets to a single survey!

You can find a list of all the Survey Builder widgets here.

Upload Survey Logo

There are two areas with regards to survey logos you need to be aware of - Using a single (same) Logo for all your surveys or using survey specific logos.

To Upload the Single (Same) Logo for all your campaigns - use the Configure (All Surveys) option -> Upload Logo. Note: Logo you upload here will be automatically updated for all your campaigns that do not have a survey specific logo configuration setup. If you have a survey specific configuration setup then this setting will not take overwrite that. Please do not attempt to use the general 'Configure (All Survey) Logo' option in order to edit the logo for just one individual survey! 

To Upload on a Survey Specific Logo - If you have multiple surveys and want them to have different logos you can do so. Go to the Survey group you wish to upload a specific logo to Choose a survey page -> Add the Logo widget -> Upload Logo. You will need do the same for every page of the survey in that group.

Based on the above choice  Clicking the Upload Survey Logo option will open the File Uploader. Click on the Upload option:

Select the correct file from your computer's folder, open it into the File Uploader and double-click it to add to the survey. Please note: your banner should be 680px in width and max 90px in height. If you upload a banner which is higher than 90px, the system will reduce the size of the banner as whole in order to make it fit. This will result in your banner being narrower than intended.

Multiple Languages Surveys

If your survey has multiple languages, you can edit the text within the same survey view. Simply use the language drop down menu at the top of the survey page:

You can also include 'language flags' on the survey itself, so that your customers can switch to a different language if desired. From the main survey group overview, you can select the flag icon and tick the language flags you wish to display.

Please note: Make sure you only tick languages for which you have actually completed all the survey widgets! If for example you tick "Spanish", this flag will appear on the survey for your customer to choose - if you have not entered any Spanish-language labels in the widgets, your customer will see an empty survey page.

The language flags will be visible to your customer on the survey:

Tips for multi-language surveys:

  • You need to use the Footer Widget, because the default footer can only be set in a single language.
  • Each survey page can only have one logo - you cannot show a different logo per language in a multi-language survey.
  • Don't forget to include a survey error message in all languages, in the Configure Survey view (see point 3).
  • You need to ensure that the unsubscribe link is in place, in all active languages (see point 5).

See file below for best practice on adding survey logos to your system (resizing, position) - revision May 2015.

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