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Modified on: Wed, 26 May, 2021 at 11:00 PM

The Responses Report can be accessed from the menu under Reports ➝ By CustomerGauge

Please note: The standard reports are not editable. If you do want to do that, you can make a Copy of the report. The copied report will be shown under the My Reports tab on Report Hub.

The Responses Report provides an overview of your response rates over time, in blue is the rate of responses from initial invitations and in grey is the rate of responses from reminder invitations. You can print your chart or choose how you want to download from our list of options.

In the Filter option, you will find all the usual filter options for date type, date range, and various advanced options like country, company, or division. You can also set how you want your dates to be grouped, charting the Responses by week or month depending on your preference. Click here for more information about On-the-fly settings.

Please beware: you should not filter the results by Form Completed Date - that will yield a response rate of 100% as you will see only data from completed surveys.

You will also find a graph with the absolute numbers of responses over time, in blue is the amount of responses from initial invitations and in black is the amount of responses from reminder invitations and a table view. And as on all our tables, you can export as XLS or PNG and click on the headers to sort the columns.

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