The Responses Table Widget allows you to present a summary of the response results in a Table view. 

This Table view comes with all the key metrics you would need to track responses with the ability to drill down on the number to see which customers fall into which bucket.  This powerful widget comes in two versions - to be able to see the information by Date or by a preferred Segment Value.

Metrics Available: 

  • #Delivered

  • #Responses, Response %

  • #Non Response, Non Response %

  • #Primary Response, Primary Response%

  • #Reminder Delivered, Reminder Delivered%

  • #Reminder Response, Reminder Response%


How to add the widget?

To add this widget to your Dashboard/Report go to Add Widget → Response data source → Response Table

  • The widget loads by default with a 6 Width X 3 Height size. You can change it in the Widget properties of the Widget properties.  
  • You can also choose to update the name of the widget to add more details - For example Response Table - USA Relationship Campaign

Date/Segment Filter Setting:

  • The widget comes with standard Date and Segment filter settings
  • The widget allows "IS NOT" criteria in Segment filtering

Group by Setting:

  • In the Group by setting you can choose if you would like to see the information by Dates or by a Segment.
  • Choosing Dates will allow you to choose by what dates you want to see the information - Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Day
  • Choosing Segment will allow you to choose by which Segment you would see the information - For Example Group by Segment = "Client". 

Additional Setting:

  • In the additional setting section, you have two options - NPS Loyalty Filter and Metrics to Display
  • NPS Loyalty Filter allows you to choose for which Loyalty you would like to see the information. Leaving it blank will mean it shows the information for all Loyalties.
  • Metrics to Display allows you to select which Metrics you would like to display as columns on your table.

Widget Notes:

  • This widget has global data access restriction option
  • Delivered (Delivered = number of invitations successfully delivered to customers).
  • Response Rate is calculated on Delivered Numbers (Net Response %)
  • All Percentages will now show 1 decimal and will sum to 100%
  • The number of Passives will not include "No scores"
  • The drill down (click on a number) will allow exporting of the complete data