You can set up a simple, easy integration between CustomerGauge and Microsoft Teams. The two options are

  1. Trigger Alerts on Survey Response Integration
  2. Periodic Report Integration

1) Trigger Alerts on Survey Response Integration:

Escalation emails are alerts that can be sent to any email address notifying people in your organization of things like a new detractor score in a survey response or a request for follow up. Microsoft Teams has a feature that allows an email address to be created for a channel. By following these easy steps, you can start sending these email alerts to a Teams Channel within your organization, so everyone can stay on top of workflow and close loop activities!

This is the end result:

How to:

a) Add the email integration to the desired Microsoft Teams Channel:

Steps in order to receive escalation and Report Hub emails through a Microsoft Teams channel.

  1. Log into Teams, select or create a new channel. Click on options and select "Get Email Address"

  2. Get the Email Address

b) Send the email address to your Customer Success Manager, and request that they add it to the escalation email rule you require it to be added to (or have them create a new rule)

c) Start receiving email alerts through the designated Microsoft Teams Channel and become Firefighting Champions!

2) Periodic Report integration:

Custom Reports built in Report Hub have a feature that allows users to be signed up to receive the report on an automated basis. By adding a "Teams User" to CustomerGauge, 

a) Add the email integration to the desired Teams Channel:


 See above steps 1-5

b) Add the email address for the Teams Channel as a User to CustomerGauge, in the User Manager:

c) Go to the report(s) you'd like to be sent to the Teams Channel

d) Add the Teams Channel user as a recipient to the report(s)

e) Share the knowledge of NPS activity throughout your organization by having them signed up to the Teams channel! Enjoy the benefit and convenience of having automated reports

Your options are 

  • View in application (will open in CustomerGauge)
  • or view PDF 

Note: Depending on which version of Teams you use as well as which machine you use it on, you may find the report quality will vary depending on which Report Dispatch Preference you choose. Try Adjusting the report dispatch preference option in the User Manager to determine which setting will have the best results for report quality for your organization!