How to manage my users?

With the User Manager you can manage all your user access in a seamless and simple manner. As part of this enhancement we added some nice new features, like Last login and # of logins, so that you can stay on top of your users accesses. 

1) User status

Users are placed into three buckets - Active, Blocked and Deactivated Users.

  • Active Users: List of users whose access is currently active.
  • Deactivated Users: Users whose access has been actively deactivated. These users cannot login to CustomerGauge. Deactivated Users will not receive email reports from CustomerGauge.

2) Quick actions

You can quickly Deactivate / Activate, Delete or Edit a user from this section.

3) Filter users

Use the filters section to view a list of users that match your filter criteria. You can filter by User Role, User Division and User Country.

4) Search users

You can search for users in the Search box. The information that can be searched on, are Name and Email Address.

5) Export users

You can export the list of users as PNG and CSV. The PNG export is limited to what you see on the page, which can be up to 500 users, while the CSV export is able to export all the users including deactivated users.

6) Add User (Create new user)

Click here to create new users to your CustomerGauge System (example image below). 

  • Login Credentials: Username is always a unique field in CustomerGauge. 
  • Feature Access: We have 4 types of user roles (Admin, Users, Workflow+ and Workflow). Please click here for more information on User roles and feature access.
  • Data Access: CustomerGauge offers 3 types of access restriction (Division, Segment and Hierarchy). Based on the access restriction activated in your system the data access section will show you the relevant information. Please click here for more information on Access Restriction.
  • Preference: You can also add the user's timezone and the Email report dispatch preference.
  • Activate User: Only a Users created with the status 'Activate User' will get their login information via email. User that are created and not active will not get their login information via email. 

7) Bulk Activate/Deactivate Users

Active User: 

  • Click on the check box to be able to Deactivate Users in Bulk. 
  • Once you select the user - you can click on the Deactivate Option.

Deactivate User: 

  • Click on the check box to be able to Activate Users in Bulk. 
  • Once you select the user - you can click on the Activate Option. 
  • The User will be sent the login information again via email.

Also available for User Management:

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