This page helps integrate CustomerGauge surveys in other pop-up survey providers. Looking for CustomerGauge's native Pop-up Surveys? Click here!

Situation: You have a website and you would like to get feedback from people - maybe an NPS score, Customer Satisfaction or CES. It's sometimes called "in-journey" - there are several CustomerGauge solutions to adding this touchpoint:

1. Passive Survey Link

You can unobtrusively embed a link in a relevant part of the page eg "Tell us what you think" or "Please give us feedback".

Pros: easy to do, you can embed useful information, discreet but shows that you want to get feedback

Cons: Low engagement (usually a rate of less than 0.1% of page views), may only be negative feedback

You can easily handle this through our 

Data Link Survey

In this you will create a survey that can capture the information, and you can pass relevant data in hidden fields (like current page, customer information

2. "Pop-up" Survey

For a higher response rate (around 1 - 2% of user views) you might choose a pop-up survey. CustomerGauge does not provide a native version (as each website has its own range of widgets and popups), but we have multiple ways of solving it. 

There are several ways of doing this, 

Using our Data Link Survey (CustomerGauge survey, embedded in your own pop-up)

  • Build own pop-up code using javascript - for example any web designer can use one of many tools for this (here is an example "Modal Box with CSS and you can control when popups appear using Javascript - an example here of popups and window methods )

Using your own pop-up solution.

  • Either embed the CustomerGauge survey link in the popup (easy, see above)
  • Or, use a survey in your Popup solution and send the results to CustomerGauge.

    We've tried this with the following solutions and works fine:

Think about WHEN you want the popups to appear - random or for everyone? Should they repeat? It can get quite annoying for customers when a popup gets in the way of what they want to achieve

CustomerGauge recommendation:

A pop-up or in-journey survey can add some information about what customers or prospects think about in the course of using your website to solve a business problem or find information from you. However, it is only able to capture information from engaged users, and only then at a very low level. For example, you might have to have 10,000 user views to get 50 responses - and even then you will miss vital data or struggle to link it to your database.  If your customer base is smaller, you may get very few responses. 

Companies often try this approach "put a survey on our website" as it's easy and simple to do, but the results usually disappoint.  We find that as companies mature in their Account Experience™ model they rely on it much less, and there is a switch to Active surveying, which helps you understand which customers are engaged, and understand what non-users are thinking. 

In conclusion - easy and simple to do with CustomerGauge. Can be a nice to have, but will not help you significantly with customer retention - make sure you have Relationship and Transactional surveys as the main part of your program.