CustomerGauge + SatisMeter

With this solution, you can activate a pop-up survey directly on your website or in your own software/cloud-based platform. This allows you to present your survey directly to your users in the moment, without needing to email, SMS, or call them to collect the feedback.

Ideal for

This solution is ideal for Marketing and Product Touch points such as

  • Websites
  • Inside Web Applications


This solution will require

  • SatisMeter Account
  • CustomerGauge Admin User

How does this Integration work?

This integration,

  • Surveys: Displays the survey presented in SatisMeter in CG
    • Creates a non response record in the case of survey presented but no response as yet or if the user closes the survey without completing it. Helps to provide Response rate calculation!
    • When a user responds to the survey, the record is updated as a Response with the below details. 
    • The following data is being passed as part of the Survey Response:
      • First Name & Last Name
      • Email Address
      • Customer Number
      • NPS Score
      • Comment

                        Segment values can not be passed in the current version.

  • Activity: As part of the integration an activity line is automatically created for Survey presented and Survey Completed.
    • The following data is passed as part of an Activity:
      • Activity Type (Survey Presented or Survey Completed)
      • All of the user traits, allowing full flexibility of which data to pass to CG.

        Completed Pop-up Survey and Closed Pop-up Surveys appear on the Activity Timeline.

        All of the user traits are added to the Activity.

  • You can use the workflow and close the loop functionality in CustomerGauge to follow-up on the SatisMeter pop-up surveys.
  • The SatisMeter responses and non-responses are treated as actual responses and non-responses, allowing you to leverage all of the CustomerGauge reporting you're used to!

How to Set Up

Follow the steps below to get it set up.

1) In order for this solution to work, you will need to already have an account with SatisMeter. If you don't have one yet, visit their site to sign up. They offer a free trial if you'd like to test it out first.

2) Next, you will need to set up a SatisMeter NPS Survey, using the standard NPS Survey template.

3) Once that survey has been set up in SatisMeter, head to the Settings > Integrations section in SatisMeter and navigate to CustomerGauge.

4) Now you'll need to go to your CustomerGauge platform in a separate browser tab, and navigate to Data > Integrations > Connected Apps.

5) Create a new Connected App, and call it "SatisMeter Integration". Then copy the Client ID and Client Secret, and head back to SatisMeter.

6) Fill in the details;

  • CustomerGauge Region: This is the region in which your CustomerGauge system is hosted. You can find your region by looking at the URL when logged into CustomerGauge (
  • CustomerGauge Client ID: This is the Client ID of the Connected App you just set up in CustomerGauge.
  • CustomerGauge Client Secret: This is the Client ID of the Connected App you just set up in CustomerGauge.

7) Follow the Additional Technical Steps (outlined below) where necessary.

8) Set your SatisMeter survey live and start collecting feedback and see the results flowing back into your CustomerGauge platform in real-time!

Technical steps

In order to ensure the data flows correctly to CustomerGauge, you're going to need to ensure you have set up your SatisMeter installation with all the necessary fields.

1) Define your user traits.

Business need: The user traits make the links to the right fields on the survey response in CustomerGauge, and are passed as part of the Activity additional information.

You can define your user traits in a JSON object. Feel free to expand on these traits with all data required for your business use case.

const userData = {
name: "John Doe",
email: "",
customerNumber: "12345",
account: "ACME Corp."

Required user traits:

  • name
  • email
  • customerNumber
  • account

2) Call SatisMeter, passing the user traits.

writeKey: "YOUR_WRITE_KEY", // TODO Replace with your write key (required)
userId: "YOUR_USER_ID", // TODO Replace with current user unique ID (required)
traits: userData

Required parameters:

  • writeKey
  • userId
  • traits

Important to know

1) The SatisMeter > CustomerGauge integration is designed to work for SatisMeter's NPS Survey template.

2) The Survey Questions that are covered with this integration are NPS and the first "Free Text" question after the NPS question. Any other additional questions will not be sent to CG.

3) The CustomerGauge API fields should remain unchanged from the default (e.g. FirstName, LastName, Email, and Company). If this has been changed by your Customer Success Manager, the integration won't work at this stage in time.