Ready to upgrade to Revenue Import 5.0 and take advantage of the latest Monetize 5.0 reporting suite? Here’s what you need to know:

Difference between Revenue / Monetize 4.0 & 5.0

Feature Support

Revenue Import 4.0

Revenue Import 5.0

Data Import

In-App Upload



API Support


Yes (Single Record)

Upload File Size

Maximum of 2000 records at a time

Maximum of 50,000 records at a time

File Type

CSV, Excel


Revenue Type 

MRR, ARR, One-time

Year Value

Revenue Date

From Date - To date

Year of Revenue

Decimal separator
Not supported
Not supported
Single currency
Single currency


Reporting Widgets

Monetize 4.0 suite

Monetize 5.0 suite

You can activate the widgets in the System Admin → Reports   Visualization Monetize 5.0

Widget Update

You will need to ensure that you use the widgets according to the revenue upload you are performing. Monetize 4.0 widgets for 4.0 Revenue upload and 5.0 Monetize widgets for 5.0 Revenue upload.

File / Data Management

Delete File

Yes in platform

Upload the File again with the new data - It will overwrite it.

Cross Suite Compatibility

Revenue data not compatible with Monetize Reporting 5.0. If you would like to use the new reporting suite, revenue will need to be uploaded again. CG Tech Services can assist you here.

Revenue data not compatible with Monetize Reporting 4.0. The Revenue data will need to be uploaded again. CG Tech Services can assist you here.

CG Support to move data

Not Applicable

Yes - Free service. Request Tech Services to move your revenue data to work with 5.0

Requirements for Revenue 5.0

  • Admin access to the Imports feature.

  • CSV file with Account Name, Year, and Value (revenue for that year).

  • Ensure there are no empty rows from Excel.

Good to Know

  • Revenue Import 5.0 lets you update revenue. If you upload the same Account Name and Year again, it will overwrite the existing value in CustomerGauge.

Converting Your File

Revenue Import 5.0 is streamlined for larger data sets. It focuses only on the essentials: Account Name, Year, and Value. If you have an old Revenue 4.0 file, group rows by Account and Year, and sum up the revenue. The year can be either a calendar or fiscal year, just be consistent.

How to Upload

  1. Mapping Creation:

    • Go to Data → Imports → Mapping tab.

    • Create a new mapping by adding Account Name, Year, and Value, along with their respective column names from your file.

  2. File Upload:

    • Go to the Upload tab.

    • Click the Upload button in the top-right corner.

    • Select Revenue 5.0 and click Next.

  3. Configuration:

    • Choose your Mapping and click Next.

  4. Upload:

    • Upload your file and click Next.

  5. Confirmation:

    • Review the field mappings.

    • Click the Upload button to start the process.