Note: We have released a new version of Revenue 5.0 / Monetize 5.0 reporting. Click here to see how you can use the new Revenue 5.0 / Monetize 5.0 Upload

In order to fully utilize the Account Success features, you need to include revenue data for each customer. You can upload revenue information in two different ways: bulk upload and single-company upload.


File Size: Please ensure your Data file size is not greater than 2000 records AND 1MB. Need help splitting your file? Check here how to do that using Microsoft Excel.

File Formats: Data can be uploaded in CSV (comma or semi-colon, depending on your system configuration - your CSM can help here), XLSX or XML format. These are the accepted file formats.

Date format: Dates MUST be in this format: YYYY-MM-DD. Ex. 2018-01-30

Revenue value format: The Revenue value must not contain any thousand separators, nor decimals. Ex. a value of 1,234.12 must be provided as 1234

Bulk Upload

In order to upload revenue information for several companies in one go, you should use the Bulk Revenue Upload option.

To upload revenue go to Imports on the menu under Data

Clicking on this button will open the Revenue Upload window, where you can choose and then upload your revenue file from your computer. More information about preparing this file, as well as revenue data templates, can be found further down this page. After uploading the file, the system will ask you to check and confirm the mapping of each data column. If some aspect of the mapping is incorrect, or if there are errors in the file, you will need to cancel the upload, correct the data, and try again.



Single Company Upload

From the Account Page, you can upload revenue information directly for one specific company. You will arrive at the Account Page by drilling down on a particular company, for example from the NPS SWOT or the Accounts List widgets.

Clicking on the Add revenue button in the Revenue Details section on the Account Page will open a pop-up where you can enter a single revenue source:


Revenue Types

Whether you upload multiple revenue sources in bulk, or upload a single revenue source for one company in the Company Details page, you will need to specify the revenue type.

  • ARR: Annual Recurring Revenue. The amount you enter will be split into 12 months and replicated each month within the specified time period, unless the specified time period is less than one year. In that case the amount will be divided by the specified number of months and replicated each month within the specified time period.
  • MRR: Monthly Recurring Revenue. The amount you enter will be replicated each month within the specified time period.
  • One Time: This should be used for non-subscription purchases/payments; the whole amount will be saved on the starting date.
  • Other: This should be used for any other type of revenue; the amount will be split into the number of months within the specified time period.

For example, if you upload $12 000 as ARR over the period 01-01-2016 to 31-12-2016, this amount will be split across the year: $1000 per month across that time period. If you upload the same amount (over the same period) as MRR however, this will be replicated each month, leading to a total annual revenue of $144 000 (12 x 12 000).

Another example: If you upload $12 000 as 'Other' revenue, and you mark the time period as 01-01-2016 to 30-06-2016, the amount will be split over 6 months, with $2000 per month across that time period.

Attached to this page are sample data templates for the bulk data upload.

Some notes

  • The start date for revenue can be in the future
  • If you need to update or discount a revenue value, you should do a new upload with a negative revenue value.
  • Please note that your system will be set up to accommodate your currency; you will be able to tell which currency your system uses based on the currency symbols throughout the Account Experience features. If your system is set up in USD, you should upload all revenue in USD (you will need to recalculate any other currencies based on current exchange rates). - Contact support to have your currency changed.
  • Please note that each system can have its own csv delimeter for import. If in your system your csv delimeter is (comma) only import files with csv (comma), the same applies for semi-colon. Check with your CSM what is your csv delimeter and change it if that's your wish.
  • Account Names are not case-sensitive
  • For excel files, please make sure your file does not have any formulas. The system will not recognize the data in the file.