The Direct Link Surveys allow you to create and edit survey(s) where you wish to have a static link that can be re-used, or for cases where you don't want to upload personal identifiable information. This type of survey is ideal for collecting feedback from employees, or at the end of a business transaction. You can find it in the menu Campaigns → Survey Suite → Direct Link Surveys.

The Direct Link is used to access the Direct Link Survey. This link can contain extra parameters to add context to the Survey Record. 

Providing data through parameters

You can pass additional data to help identify the customer by adding parameters when generating your Direct Link. This additional data can be useful for reporting purposes, as well as Close-the-Loop, and sending automated alerts.

If you're a business user, please make sure you select the necessary fields before sending the link to your technical team. If you're a developer, if there are no additional parameters in the provided link, please align with your business team on the data needed, prior to implementing the link.


Matching Contacts

Providing a email address allows CustomerGauge to associate the response with an existing Contact. However, we do recommend providing all the relevant data along with the Email address, just like you normally would using an upload.


Language / Locale

Please note that you should also specify the language that the survey should display. A Survey can contain multiple languages and you should indicate which language to display. You can find the list of language codes here. If no (valid) language is provided, the Survey will default to the first language from the language drop-down. 

Please note: the values in the link will need to be URL-encoded / URL-safe.

Good to Know for Reporting


Every time a Direct Link Survey is being displayed, a new survey record is created. If no existing contact can be identified with the provided data, a new contact gets created and associated with the survey record. Contacts get identified either by Email or by Phone number.

Important: Please note that these contacts are also counted towards your Contact Package numbers.

Responses & Non-Responses

Every time the Direct Link Survey is being displayed, a Non-response record will get created. As soon as the survey gets completed, the Non-Response turns into a Response.

Survey Sent Date

The Survey Sent Date gets set when the Direct Link Survey gets displayed.

Duplication Rule

Direct Link Surveys do not adhere to the Duplication Rule set up in the system. They will open and create a non-response record every time you initiate the Pop-up initialization code.

Partial Completes

If you use Partial Completes, Non-Responses stemming from Direct Link Surveys will be updated to Responses once the configured time has past since the Direct Link Survey was first displayed.