CustomerGauge + Pendo

With this solution, you can activate a pop-up survey directly in your own software/cloud-based platform. This allows you to present your survey directly to your users, without needing to email, SMS, or call them to collect the feedback. It's an ideal solution for cloud-based B2B or B2C software applications, especially in an environment where the user must be logged in (so you know who they are when they answer the survey). 

Ideal for

This solution can be used for

  • Websites
  • Inside Web Applications

How to Set Up

Follow the steps below to get it set up.

1) In order for this solution to work, you will need to already have an account with Pendo. If you don't have one yet, visit their site to sign up. They offer a free trial if you'd like to test it out first.

2) Next, you will need to set up a generic link (sometimes called "anonymous") survey in CustomerGauge. You will need to contact our support team to activate that feature for you, or to create you a new generic link template to use for this purpose if you don't already have one set up.

3) Once that generic link survey has been set up for you in CustomerGauge, take the URL for that survey and head over to Pendo to create your pop-up (guide). What you'll want to do is embed the CustomerGauge survey link into your Pendo pop-up using an iframe inside their custom HTML widget or as a hyperlink within a text prompt.

4) Set up your Pendo "guide".

5) Add a Code Block/HTML widget to your guide.

6) Make an <a href> link in the HTML (you can copy the following code block). An href will merely open the survey in a new browser tab.

<span class="hidden_item"><a href="INSERT YOUR SURVEY URL HERE"><b>Take the survey</b></a></span>

7) Go to CustomerGauge --> Campaigns --> Delivery Manager and toggle to the Anonymous tab. Copy the anonymous survey URL for the survey you'd like to use in your pop-up in Pendo.

8) Go back to Pendo and replace the "insert your survey URL here" part of the HTML code with the survey link you just copied from CustomerGauge. You may also choose to adjust the height & width of the iframed survey as desired. The size of your pop-up/guide will play a part in determining the dimensions you set for your iframe. 

9) At this point, your survey can technically already be used. That said, if you are presenting this pop-up on a screen that users must be logged in to access, then you can pass certain data parameters to CustomerGauge using URL Post. In order to pass this data to CG, however, you will first need to ensure that it's stored in Pendo, as they are controlling the pop-up for you. Just modify the URL in the Pendo iframe as shown below, and edit the survey builder in CustomerGauge as shown in the article. You may also choose to read further information about adding user properties to Pendo.

10) Follow Pendo's documentation showing how to start allowing the pop-ups in your software application or website.

11) Start collecting feedback and see the results flowing back into your CustomerGauge platform in real-time!