There are several options here

CustomerGauge offers the ability to collect survey feedback via a generic survey link. This is different from the survey links that we generate for email/SMS/Call Center surveys in that they are not tied to or associated with an individual contact and that contact's information. 

Some common use cases:

1) Using generic links in Pop-up Surveys (either web app or push notification for mobile).

2) Using generic (anonymous) links for eNPS (employee Net Promoter) surveys

3) Using generic links to allow one or more "known" survey recipients (ones who you send an email or SMS to) to share the survey amongst other relevant individuals within their organization. 

4) Using generic links on a tablet or "kiosk" in a public area (often B2C, but also good for B2B in-person events). 

Important note: Because Generic link surveys are not unique/tied to an individual, they can be completed more than once.