You can use this method for feedback collection where contact info is Unknown (or) if you would like to use a generic survey link for the whole Account.

This survey type will assist you to collect customer feedback by sharing a survey link with a central contact(s) in your customer's organization so they can share it further with contacts within the organization (whose contact info you do not have) in order for them to provide additional feedback.

Important Notes for this Survey Method:

  • Feedback Collection: You do rely on the central contact(s) in your organization to share/distribute the link accordingly to the relevant people to complete the survey. Key people that could impact retention could be missed if your contact does not share the link with them.
  • Response Follow-up: You will not be able to remind respondents or do personal follow-ups to boost response rate.
  • Delivery & Response%: Limited Delivery Details and no Response% information (as you do not know how many people were invited to take this survey). You will only know how many additional people have taken the survey. 
  • Integrations: Feedback will not be integrated back into the CRM system as we will not know the corresponding CRM Contact ID.

How to Setup:

  1. Setup a Data Link survey in CG. 
    • A Data Link survey allows you to use data you already know about your respondent to create the survey link. Example - Company Name, Location, Account Manager etc
    • As part of the survey, use survey questions to collect other information like - Email Address, First Name, Last name. (Optional)
    • Consider all languages you'd want the survey to be available in.
  2. Use the URL post widget to map any data that you upload for your email/SMS survey to this generic link survey. If you don't have the URL post widget available in your Survey Builder, please open a support ticket and our support team can add it for you.

  3. Share the survey link with the contact in your customer’s organization. You would do this as part of a survey invitation email that you already send to that known contact! Example:

    Where it says "this survey link" (or whatever text you desire, you'd want to hyperlink the anonymous survey URL and append the merge tags (Click on the "Merge Tags" in the bottom right hand corner of the email editor to get the exact merge tag code) to include data via URL post, as explained in the linked support article above.

    Example URL with URL post merge tags:{{ }}&Region={{ record.segment_b.segment }}&AccountManager={{ record.segment_f.segment }}

    You could also prompt them again on their survey completion confirmation page. NOTE: when putting merge tags inside the survey form itself (rather than or in addition to the email), please replace the curly brackes {{ }} with square brackets [[ ]] and only use the name of the field, so [[segment_f]] as opposed to {{ record.segment_f.segment }} or [[company]] as opposed to {{ }}:

    To add a QR code, if desired, simply go to one of the many free websites that lets you generate them and put that same anonymous survey URL with URL post merge tags behind the QR.

  4. Feedback comes into CG as soon as respondents complete the survey
    • When a contact responds, all the information you added as part of the data link survey can be used for reporting.
    • You can receive email alerts on survey completion based on the known respondent information
    • Do note that due to this method of surveys you will not be able to track response rate in CG
    • [IMPORTANT] Email Address of the contact is the key used to show customer response history - if the same respondent replies multiple time in a year. We do not make connections on any of the other information provided in the survey