To edit the Anonymous survey you have to go directly to the Survey Builder, which you can find within the Delivery Manager.

1. Go to Campaigns --> Delivery Manager.


2. Toggle to the "Anonymous" tab and click "Survey Builder".

Survey builder allows you to edit your surveys. You can change the wording and add/remove questions. 

Beware: all changes to the survey take immediate effect once you save them. So be careful when using this functionality for live surveys!


3. Click on "Anonymous Survey" at the top to edit the first page of the Anonymous survey.

4. Click on the Edit survey page icon.

5. Please note that page 2 (and others) can be set up and edited by clicking on Regular Survey.

And scrolling down to the Anonymous survey pages below:

6. The Hidden Question widget acts as a sort of "recipient filter" for the Anonymous Survey. Essentially, it tells the anonymous survey which pages are next after the respondent moves on from the first page.  

Please do not remove the Hidden question widget or change the value that is written in it, without first consulting our support team.

The URL Post widget is where you can set up the different URL strings to push data into the response. For more information about how to do that, click here.

Note: It is currently not possible for a user to go back to the original Anonymous survey page (the first page of the anonymous survey), so please do not include back buttons on anonymous survey pages.

Note: You can also access the survey builder directly via URL