The Case Tracking Report can be accessed in the menu under Fire Fighting ➝ Case Tracking.

The Case Tracking report gives you an overview of cases, how fast are your cases being closed, an overview by time, which agent is working on which customer case and also the list of cases that are unassigned, and yet to be picked up. You can also drill down on the blue numbers to get a clear view of the case.

  • Current Status: Shows you the amount you have of Open Case, Progress Cases, Close Cases, Total Cases, KPI Follow-Up and KPI Closed
  • Close Loop Rate: Shows you the percentage of cases closed vs the total amount of cases
  • Close Loop Speed: Shows you how long it takes on average to close a case, by loyalty type
  • Cases Over Time: Shows you the number of cases for each workflow status over several months.

This report also allows you to view the list of agents in the system with the number of cases assigned to each agent and workflow status of those cases. Drill down on the blue numbers to get a list of their workflow cases accordingly to their statuses. You can also click on blue numbers of “Unassigned Cases” to get a list of cases yet to be assigned to an agent. You can then easily assign the case to an agent to work on. We also have a total of each assignee that can also be drilled down and the percentage of cases assigned to that person.

When you drill down, you will see the list of cases (Responses Page) and when you scroll down you will see the Close the Loop feature on the customer page. Here you can update the status, assign to another user, see how long the case it's open and leave a comment.