CustomerGauge offers the possibility to add data to a survey response, without the customer needing to answer additional questions. For example, if you include a survey link in your product inside a logged-in session, you might like to pass the customer ID or email address into your CustomerGauge system with the survey response.

Alternatively, you can use this feature to do "Data-Link Integration" - to pass through data to CustomerGauge variables. We use this in our Embedded Surveys feature which captures information from existing Help Desk Tickets.

After setting up the URL Post widget in your survey (shown below), you would take your anonymous survey link and append the different URL post information to the end of the link, like so:[[country]]&brand=[[brand]]&product_ type=[[product_type]]&product_model=[[product_model]]&client_company=[[company]]

The highlighted part is your "original" anonymous survey link, which, used alone, would not capture any data about the survey respondent. 


  1. Because "company" is already in the standard URL, if you want to pass the company name information through the URL, you should use a different label such as "company_name" or "client_company" or "account_name", etc.
  2. The data supplied in the URL must be in URL encoded format, else the data might break for ex. <space> will be %20, '@' will be %40, '&' used in data will be %26 etc. '&' without encoding will be treated as a field separator. 

Once you have assembled this URL, you may then host it as a link in the intended location, and start collecting feedback.

Upon doing so, the live URL for your survey would look something like this: type=pt_2&product_model=pm_3&client_company=Acme

And that is how the information you need would be passed to CustomerGauge for reporting and analysis.

More details in the presentation attached

Please find attached a presentation with more information on this feature.