How we capture information from FreshDesk (and other Helpdesk Systems). 

CustomerGauge operates the FreshDesk support system for helpdesk tickets (if you are a customer, you have probably used it). 

Now we can capture an Net Promoter response after each ticket, which helps us diagnose how well we resolved problems, and gives another benchmark in our internal system.

How it works.

After a ticket is set to Resolved, our FreshDesk system sends a mail to the person who triggered the ticket with information that it is Resolved. In this email, we embed a special code that directs to a CustomerGauge Datalink Survey. 

Using this technique we are able to integrate all the details of the requestor and the case in the CustomerGauge survey, which is transferred at the moment the Requestor takes the survey. This then becomes a “Transactional” touchpoint added into our internal Net Promoter System (this already contains the “Relational” touchpoint data from our regular customer surveying). We group the NPS responses (transactional in CustomerGauge by matching on Email Address and Company, so within one system we can see the scores from tickets as well as from routine surveys. 

We also report these scores back to our clients in our regular business review meetings (usually once a quarter).

Can I add this to my helpdesk system?

Yes. we support the CustomerGauge Email-Embedded Survey for many systems including: Zendesk, Autotask, ServiceNow, SalesForce and many others - this  captures the  NPS 0 - 10 response directly from the email. Integration is very easy: We provide a block of code - all you need to do is to paste it into one of the emails from these systems. We can advise you on which fields to use and then we will create the code. 

Note: At the moment, Freshdesk email is limited to embedding images - so in this case we provide a static image and our DataLink Survey Solution. It’s not quite as elegant but just as effective. 

Please contact our CSM team for more details (or open a Helpdesk Ticket - email: