Using the CSS Editor in the Survey Builder you can customise the standard survey layout to your preferred style. Some of the layout features you can edit are background image or colour, logo positioning, typeface (font, colour, size), button styles/colour and more.

The editor is located in a separate tab of the Survey Builder, which is accessed from inside the Delivery Manager. You can create multiple CSS templates, and decide for each survey group which of these templates you want to use by clicking on the CSS symbol (which looks a little like a mirrored 'E').

To access the CSS Editor, you can go to Campaigns --> Delivery Manager and either edit one of your surveys associated with your Automated Campaigns or go directly to the Survey Builder on the "Anonymous Survey" tab:

Please find below a screenshot of the CSS Editor. Using the drop down at the top left you can either select and edit an existing CSS template or create a new template - don't forget to save any edits! The system will automatically number your custom CSS templates.

Using CSS templates, you can either have a separate layout for each of your surveys, or instead reuse the same layout for multiple surveys.

Please find attached two examples of CSS code used by our customers. We have also attached a gallery of images from some recent work showing the diversity of branding supported by our system.

Please note: although applying different CSS templates to your surveys with the dropdown option is simple, actually creating CSS templates requires CSS expertise. Your CSS template should work well on different types of devices and in different browsers. If you don't have anyone with CSS expertise available in-house, we are happy to connect you with a designer.

Survey CSS Look and Feel Gallery

To change your Survey CSS you can check our Survey CSS Gallery here!

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