You can find the complete list of customer emails that have unsubscribed in the Unsubscribe report under Admin on the menu. It displays email and date of unsubscribe. You can also manually add an unsubscribe to this list. And download or print the table.

Each email unsubscribed can be deleted (so the client will receive the emails again) or edited.

Additionally, you can report on Unsubscribes with our Get Unsubscribe API, as well as add unsubscribes with the Post Unsubscribe API.

How to Unsubscribe a Customer from within CustomerGauge

To manually unsubscribe a customer email address:

1) Go to the Unsubscribe Report

Go to the Unsubscribe Report under Admin in the menu.  This will open a page showing the list of unsubscribed contacts.

Click on the + symbol at the top left hand corner of the Unsubscribe List to add an email address.


2) Add an email address

Enter the email address of the contact you wish to unsubscribe. The date and time as well as your username will be saved, so you can keep track of who unsubscribed the contact when.

Click on the Save icon on the bottom right hand corner to save the action and unsubscribe.

You can also unsubscribe an entire domain name, if for instance you wish to exclude all employees from a particular company from your emails. You can do this in the same manner as adding a single email address, except you add just the domain name starting with the '@' symbol. For instance:

3) Add a Mobile Number

You can also un-subscribe people from SMS/Text invites by entering their mobile number (with country code) instead of their email address.