The CustomerGauge system provides an easy way for organisations to manage service recovery workflow, also termed Fire Fighting in the system. Below we'll discuss opening cases, handling cases, and reporting on cases.

Watch our video on Fire fighting or use the text outlined below to take you through the steps.

1) Opening a Case

A case can be opened in the system either automatically or manually.


When your customer completes the survey, the system can automatically open a case based on their response. For example when the customer ticks the “Please contact me” box on the survey or if they provide an NPS score in a specific range (i.e. 0-6).


Your agents can also open a case manually by navigating to the customer record and selecting the Open case items from the Workflow section of the page.

2) Actioning the Case

Once a case has been opened, you should close the loop with your customer by handling the case. You may want to assign it to someone else in your organisation.

Assigning a Case

To assign a case to another user, simply click on the below box and start typing the user name. Select the relevant user and click on the “tick”.

When you assign a case to a user, the case will appear on their home page in the CustomerGauge system:

The user will also receive an email to alert them to the fact that a case has been assigned to them.

Handling a Case

At any point the user can mark a case with one of the standard statuses: Open, Progress and Closed. This denotes the current status of the followup process.

The workflow box on the Customer Details Page can be used to manage the followup process - it provides a place to record comments and information about the case. The following actions will be saved here:


  • The status
  • Who has assigned the case,
  • The person to whom the case was assigned
  • Any comments left by agents, i.e. "I called the customer and answered their option question on X"

  • Please note that entering a comment here does not email anything to the customer. Once you are satisfied the customer's question has been answered, or their issue has been solved, you can close the case.

    3) Reporting on Cases

    The sum of Open, Progress or Closed Cases can be seen in the Fire Fighting / Task Details menu item.