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The Survey Record Page has a dedicated page for Response, Non Response and Failed records. To get there you can drill
down on almost any number that you have in your widgets which will lead you to a Contact number and finally to the page.

The Response version of the page comes with three tabs - Response Details, Survey Overview, and Close the Loop that 
provide tailored information about the survey record.

Response Details

The Response Details Tab provides essential information like:
  • Net Promoter Score - shows the score given by the contact and if it requires a follow up; 
  • Time Since Completed - shows how long ago the survey was completed;
  • Time To Follow Up (hours) - shows the amount of time taken for a case status to be changed to In Progress;
  • Status - shows the Close the Loop status of the record (Unset, Open, In Progress or Closed) for taking further actions;
  • Warning - Contact has requested a follow up - this appears when a contact has requested to be followed up in the survey, you may
    click on Close The Loop to quickly update the case status.

Click on any of the following widgets to show more information about it:

Comment tab provides: 
  • Sentiment Analysis - NPS and if a Contact asked for a follow up(!), 
  • Text Analysis,
  • Comment Translation (applies only if this feature is ON)
  • Add and remove Manual Tags
Drivers tab shows all the drivers that were chosen by a Contact in a SurveySurvey Questions tab shows all the question that a Contact answered in a Survey
Reviews tab shows Status of the Comment (Published or Blo) that can be changed, also you can submit a comment that is public and shows a direct response to the customer.

Survey Overview

The Survey Overview Tab provides in details the survey invitation with the ability to manage it.

Survey Timeline - shows all the stages like: Sent, Opened and Completed with the exact date and time.
Survey Record tab allows to see all the contact details available and for Admin users directly edit filterable fields of the survey record by clicking on the pencil icon and choosing one of the existing options.

Campaign Details tab reflects such areas as:

  • Delivery Method which was used to send the survey (Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Call or External).
  • Survey shows the name of the survey that was sent to the customer that shows a preview by drilling down on it.
  • Email Template shows the type of the survey used.

Close the Loop 

The Close the Loop Tab allows the user to manage and follow the process of Closing The Loop.

The clock shows the time taken to follow up and close the case.

When a case is OPEN - the fill color is based on the # hours / days:

  • Green: up to 36 hours
  • Yellow: up to 48h
  • Red: above 48h 

When a case is IN PROGRESS - the fill color is based on the # of days:

  • Green: up to 5 days
  • Yellow: up to 7 days
  • Red: above 7 days

Close the loop History allows to see the user name who changed the status or left a note, as well as to track how long the case was open and when exactly it was closed.

Allows the user to:
  • update case status (Unset, Open, In Progress and Closed);
    • Status of the case can be changed progressively from OPEN →  IN PROGRESS → CLOSED or OPEN → CLOSED.
    • It is required to leave a note to transition to In Progress, and also when using Close-the-Loop on the go.
  • assign a case to the relevant user
  • leave notes on the case.

Delete Single Survey Record

Please, note:

  • Deleting a record is irreversible. After confirming the deletion it cannot be undone, so be careful when using this feature.
  • Only Admins can see and use this feature.
  • It may take a few minutes until the deletion is completed.

How To

1. Navigate to the record you'd like to delete and click on Actions (3 dots) → Delete Record.

2. A confirmation window will appear, read the warning and if you want to proceed click on Delete Record.

3. After confirming, the deletion process will start and it may take a few minutes until it is completed. No need to worry about the deletion from this point forward, this will run in the background and will not affect your use of the system.

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