This smart alert allows account managers to be alerted via email in real-time when a new Survey Response comes through. 

Who can receive these alerts?

In order to receive these alerts the recipients must be users of the CustomerGauge system. (Non users will not receive the alerts and you can view this in the Workflow History section)

Good to know:

When multiple rules share the same criteria, the highest priority rule will have priority when opening a case or assigning a case. In that sense, if both rules are triggered for the same record, the lowest priority rule will not be able to make changes to a case if the highest priority rule already opened a case or assigned a case.

As of 08 August 2023, some changes have been introduced to automatic Case Assignment and Alerts:

  • A user will never get more than 1 email alert of the same Alert Type, for the same CG-ID.
  • The New Response rule that opens a case will be the first rule to be executed.

Some Merge Tags are designed to work under certain conditions

Merge Tags used under conditions outside of their original design may not yield the intended results.

  • The Survey Link Merge Tag is designed to work for Survey Suite Surveys only (Use of this merge tag is not recommended in New Response Alerts, since the survey has already been completed).
  • The Drivers (Localised) Merge Tag is designed to work for Survey Suite Surveys only.
  • The NPS Comment Translation Merge Tag is designed to work for Survey Suite Surveys only.

Example Rules:

  1. Send an alert to the account manager when a detractor response comes through from a customer segment type X, country is UK and touchpoint is relationship
    • NPS Criteria: Select 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    • Filter Criteria: Customer Segment "is" X and Country "is" UK and touchpoint "is" relationship
  2. Send an alert to the account manager when a promoter response comes through from the customer segment type that is NOT X
    • NPS Criteria: Select 9, 10
    • Filter Criteria: Customer Segment "is not" X

How do Priorities work:

  • Multiple 'New Response' Workflow Rules can be triggered for the same survey completion event. Priorities are used to determine the order in which these rules are executed.

  • The evaluation process begins by checking the conditions of each Workflow Rule, starting from Priority 1 and moving downwards through the list.

  • The first Workflow Rule that matches the conditions and has the Open Case action will open a case and assign it to a user if the assignment is set up. Only one case can be opened per survey completion event.

  • If a matching Workflow Rule without an assignee has a higher priority (closer to priority 1) than a matching Workflow Rule with an assignee, a case will be opened but not assigned.

    • The Workflow Rule responsible for opening the case will receive the highest priority during the handling of the current survey completion event.

    • Once a case is opened and, if applicable, assigned, the system will move to the highest priority and work its way down to determine which recipients need to be alerted.

    • Additionally, any other recipients specified in this rule will receive the email alert set up in this rule instead of receiving it from another rule.

  • Then, we proceed with the evaluation process to send email alerts to the respective recipients, starting with the highest priority.

  • To avoid receiving multiple alerts, no recipient will receive more than one email alert per survey completion event.

How to set up:

The alerts comes with the ability to configure the NPS Score, additional criteria, the segment filters and the email template to be sent from inside the CustomerGauge Platform.

From the list view you can:

  • Filter by rules status - active only, inactive only or see all
  • Edit, copy or Delete a rule
  • To deactivate a rule go on the edit mode

To Setup a rule:

  1. Go to Setting Workflow Rules

  2. Hit the "+ New Rule" button → New Response
  3. Criteria
    1. NPS Score - this criteria is to restrict the alerts for a subset of NPS Scores. If you'd like to receive an alert disregarded of the score, DO NOT select any score.
    2. Additional Criteria - these criteria is to only receive alerts if the responded asked to be followed up or if they left a comment. Again, if you'd like to receive an alert disregarded of the follow up request or comments, DO NOT select anything.
    3. You can also add filters to send only the relevant alerts for the relevant people. The filters available here are the same for the Reporting, and also allows IS and IS NOT.
  4. Actions - in here you can choose to Open a case and/or Assign to the relevant Account Manager / Agent for the criteria you configured before. 
    For example: if your alert is for Detractors from NL, you can already Open a case when a new Survey Response from NL with a Detractor score happens. And already assign to the relevant user. The actions are completely optional.
  5. Email Alert - Add the email address(es) of the recipient(s) that should be notified when a New Response happens for records matching the configured Conditions.

    5.1 Email Action Type

    - Select Update Case on Response Page to receive an alert email that redirects to the CustomerGauge system's Response Page
    - Select Quick Status Change On-the-go to be redirected to a page to quickly update a case's status

    5.2 Recipients

    - You can add multiple users to the list.

    - You can also use Merge Tags to send to your users. Your system segments are available as merge tags, you can check the list in System Admin Fields.

    Recipient Merge Tags: For merge tags in the recipients list to work, the data in that segment must be populated with a single, valid email and the recipient must be an activated user.

  6. Email Alert - The email content and email subject come pre-filled for easy of use, feel free to change the content. You can also add merge tags and you company logo if you'd like.
    Please note that only the content from "Contact Name" to ".. additional feedback" is editable. The remainder of the template is standard for all CG platforms.

  7. Activation - Name your Workflow Rule in the Rule Name field in a manner that you can easily identify the rule later on. We recommend giving a descriptive name.
    • Choose to Activate this new workflow rule upon saving, or Deactivate it if you'd first like to make sure your teams are equipped to handle the alerts when they receive it.
    • Hit the Save button, and you're all set up!

Want to stop receiving / sending Non Response notifications? You can deactivate the rule or hit the Delete button from the overview in the Workflow Rules