CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.06 - Released 02 February 2022

4 New Features

  • Widgets

    • A new widget has been added: Drivers Loyalty bar chart. This widget allows the visualization of the amount of responses made to primary and secondary drivers for each loyalty.
      Support page for detailed information.

    • A new widget has been added: NPS Pivot Table. This widget allows the powerful ability to group by two different segments while showing metrics like NPS or number of responses.
      Support page for detailed information.

  • Webhooks

    • You can now Generate an Incoming Webhook for any of your API Import Configurations. This allows you to easily connect external systems (such as Zendesk) to CustomerGauge to Send Surveys, Update Accounts, or Create Activities.
      Support page for detailed information.

  • Search

    • You are now able to easily and quickly search for Accounts, Responses and Non Responses from anywhere in the system with this new feature. It also records recent searches for your convenience.
      Support page for detailed information.

9 Feature Improvements

  • Outgoing Webhooks

    • Made a couple of user experience improvements to indicate progress better, and make it clearer that the Authentication step is optional.

  • System Settings: Field Settings

    • Introduced 10 Additional Properties on the Surveys object, allowing you to store more information as part of your survey records.

  • Partial Responses

    • Anonymous surveys are not considered as partial responses when they’re abandoned while the Partial Responses option is enabled.

  • Imports

    • You can now import data into any of the 10 Additional Properties as part of your Survey or Multi-Object uploads.

  • Widgets

    • Added a “Learn more” icon to Additional Scores widgets that redirects to their respective support pages.

    • UX improvements to Additional Comments widget.

  • Widgets Export

    • Widget Exports now also include data from any of the 10 Additional Properties tied to the Survey records.

  • Widgets Filter

    • You are now able to filter by Drivers in the Close the Loop widgets, in the new NPS Pivot Table and the new Drivers Loyalty widget.

  • Workflow Rules

    • You are now able to add merge tags for Contact Number and Account Number in workflow alerts.

11 Feature Fixes

  • System Settings: Field Settings

    • Solved an issue where adding the “language” field to Contacts wouldn’t automatically close the pop-up.

  • Surveys

    • A message now gets displayed in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese for browsers that are no longer supported.

  • Widgets

    • Fixed an issue where the Non Responses widget would not export records from all the pages.

    • Fixed an issue where NPS Table was showing restricted data while Show Global Data setting was enabled.

    • Fixed an issue where the Additional Scores Table was not showing the average scores columns.

    • Fixed an issue where drilldown to accounts in NPS Lifecycle widget was not rendering the correct page.

  • Data Transport

    • Fixed an issue where navigating to a CGID from Failures in Data Transport would redirect to the incorrect URL.

  • Imports

    • Fixed an issue where exporting Failed Records would not take imports configuration separator when generating a csv.

  • Workflow Rules

    • Fixed an issue where Update Case in New Response alert email would not redirect to the correct URL.

  • Account Details

    • Fixed an issue where Revenue Details were not saving correctly when the date setting wasn’t manually selected.

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