You can use Incoming Webhooks to trigger a data import in CustomerGauge whenever an event happens in another system. This is a great alternative to calling our PUT /Record API, in case you're not able to use OAuth2 authentication in the calling system.

How to Setup

To be able to generate a webhook that can trigger survey invitations you will need an API Configuration. You can check how to set it up here.

  • Navigate to Data > Imports > Configurations > API Configurations.
  • Under Actions, click on the 3 dots and then Generate Webhook.

  • Click on Save.

  • A webhook will be generated and all the necessary information will be shown.

If you need to check the webhook information and credentials at a later stage, you can do so by following these instructions:

  • Navigate to Data > Integrations > Webhooks.
  • Under Actions, click on the 3 dots and then View. You can also Deactivate or Delete the webhook here as well.