The Pop-Up Surveys allows you to create and also edit your pop-up survey(s). This type of survey is ideal for collecting feedback inside your application (example - customer portal) or on your website. You can find it in the menu Campaigns  Surveys.


Beware: All changes to the survey take immediate effect once you save them. So be careful when using this functionality for live surveys!


In order to create a survey you need to have a Branding beforehand. You can use the default "CustomerGauge Branding", or create a new one to meet your brand's needs. To create your own Branding go to Brandings → New Branding.

In your Branding, you can upload a Header Image (Survey Logo) to use, edit Fonts stylesButtons styles and colors to make it perfectly match your brand.You can change your Branding name by clicking the pencil icon. 


Requirements for Header Image:

  • The file you upload must be a .jpg or .png file
  • The image recommended size: 896x213 pixels

Survey Creation

When creating a new survey, choose one of the Brandings you have already created or use a default one.

The other important step you have to do is to select all the languages you want your survey to be in.

Edit tab

You can change the Survey name by clicking the pencil icon. In the Edit tab you can change the wording of your survey questions, edit or select drivers, and edit your Thank you page. To edit your survey in another language click the drop-down and select one of the other languages you have chosen when the new survey was created. The survey comes in English (United Kingdom) by default.

Survey Page 1

You can change the wording of your survey questions by hovering over the area that you would like to change, click the 3 dots icon and select Question Labels. You can also change the text of your survey buttons by clicking the text in the buttons.

Page 1: Adjusting the NPS question

You can change the wording in the pop-up that opens after clicking Settings. It's important to keep the wording as close as possible to the meaning of the original one, especially when translating to other languages, to avoid influencing customers' feedback.

Page 2

Here you can edit or select your Drivers, change wording of the Comment Question and the Follow Up Question; by hovering over the area you would like to change, click the 3 dots and select Settings as shown previously on Page 1.

Thank You Page

We recommend to thank your customers for their time and feedback, so they know you value their opinion and input.

Embed Code (Details Tab)

The Embed Code can be used to integrate your Pop-up Survey into a 3rd-party app or website. This is HTML code, you need to put it into the HTML of your page. If you want to use it in a mobile app - if your application requires an SDK, you can use WebView. Depending on your goals, some basic coding knowledge may be required.


If you simply add it into the page, as soon as the page loads - the code will be triggered and the Pop-Up Survey will be shown. It is the responsibility of the host application to control when to trigger the pop-up invitation for its users. There can be certain use cases, for example, a button with an invitation to take a survey and trigger the code only once the button was clicked. 


There are some additional parameters that can be passed to us through the "params" section of the code to identify the customer who is a Respondent or Non respondent  (Please check System Admin System Settings  Field Settings to find out the exact labels to use):

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Account Name
  • Email
  • Segment A-Z
  • Segment 1-5

Sending the Email address allows CustomerGauge to associate the response with an existing Contact. However, we do recommend providing all the relevant data along with the Email address.


Please note that you should also specify the language that the pop-up should display. A Survey can contain multiple languages and you should indicate which language to display. You can find the list of language codes here.

Preview page

The Preview page allows you to see what your survey will look like in different languages and devices.


A new contact (If this customer does not exist in CG) or a new Response record (is a respondent) or a new non response record is created every time the pop-up is shown. This allows the users to track response rates, follow-up with non respondents and close the loop.

Important: Please note that these contacts are also counted towards your Contact Package numbers.


We have made several examples available that you can use - check them out here!

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