Topics by Sentiment visualize the sentiment breakdown of the topics for the comments analyzed based on Sentiment Analysis. The Sentiment displayed are Positive, Negative, Mixed and Neutral Sentiment.

Widget notes:

  • Hovering each bar shows absolute number and percentage of responses for that particular sentiment.
  • You are able to drill down on each sentiment bar and export all the data.
  • Each bar color represents a sentiment.
  • Each bar size represents the percentage of responses for the sentiment.
  • This widget has IS and IS NOT filter operators.
  • This widget has the global data access restriction option.

Adding the Widget:

Add the widget to your report clicking on New Widget and navigating to Tags or searching for Topics by Sentiment.

Additional Settings:

Order by: Select which metric is going to be the priority when listing the data. When selecting ordering based on sentiments, it will be ordered by the absolute number of responses for the sentiment chosen.
Possible values: Responses, Negative Sentiment, Mixed Sentiment, Neutral Sentiment, Positive Sentiment.

Order direction: Select the direction of the ordering.
Possible values: DESC and ASC.

Page size: This controls how many records are shown per page.
Possible values: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250.