This feature allows teams to stay on top of their close the loop, enabling them to quickly update case status directly without a login process for a smooth and continuous workflow.

Setting up:

1. Navigate to Settings > Workflow Rules.

2. Click on New Rule and then select New Response.

3. After selecting the rule Criteria,go to Actions step and check Open a Case. Opening a case is required for this feature.

4. In the Email Alert step, under Email Action Type, select Quick Status Change On-the-go.

5. Activate and save the changes to the new rule.


After setting up the new rule with the Quick Status Change On-the-go selected, the email alerts received are going to have a call to action button that allows to update a case for the next 7 days:

To use this feature, the recipient for the alert will be required to authenticate on the first time it is accessed, a code will be sent to their email for them to verify their identity.

This email verification can only happen up to 3 times per hour, so keep that in mind when changing devices/browsers multiple times per hour.

After providing the code on the authentication page, the user won't be required to authenticate for up to 30 days. You will need a new code if you use another browser, open another session or login with a different user.

After the verification process, the user is able to quickly update the status for the case received in the alert email. They will be redirected to the following page:

Alert Details: Provides First Name, Last Name and email address of the contact.

Time Since Open: Shows the amount of time the case has been opened for.

Gaugie AI: If you have our Close-the-Loop AI Assistant enabled, a suggested follow-up message will be displayed.

Status: Shows the current status of the case and can be updated to Open, In Progress and Closed.

Add Notes: Leave a note for the case with each update made. This is required to update the case status.

After updating the case status in the previous page, the user will be redirected to a summary of their changes to the case and the option to see the saved changes in the CustomerGauge system.