In this article you will find out what Direct Reply Email Forwarding is, and how you can benefit from it.

What is Direct Reply Email Forwarding?

Sometimes email recipients reply directly to your survey invitation email rather than click on the survey link. In the worst case this reply actually contains actionable feedback! As such, you'd want to make sure you read those direct replies.

And with CustomerGauge sending emails for you, we can forward any direct replies we receive to an email address of your choice.

Who can benefit from Direct Reply Email Forwarding?

Sending from a CustomerGauge domain

Customers that send through a CustomerGauge domain will be able to get Direct Reply Email Forwarding set up for their system. This typically looks something like "".

Supported Regions

  • EU (hosted in Ireland/Dublin)
  • US (hosted in Americas/N. Virginia)

Who can not use Direct Reply Email Forwarding?

  • Customers sending from their own domain.
  • Customers hosted on our AU region (Australia/Sydney).

How is this set up?

  1. Set up, or pick, an email address that you'd like Direct Replies forwarded to.
  2. Create a support ticket, or contact your Customer Success Manager, to let them know your Direct Reply Email Forwarding email address.
  3. Once set up, you'll be notified!