The multi-purpose widget can be used to get an overview of your CES, CSAT or RATING Questions Scores.

How to add the widget?

To add this widget to your Dashboard/Report go to Add Widget → Additional Score Data Source → Additional Score

The widget loads by default with a 3 Width X 3 Height size. You can change it in the Widget properties of the Widget properties.  You can also choose the update the name of the widget to add more details - For example CES Score - USA

Date/Segment Filter Setting:

  • The widget comes with standard Date and Segment filter settings
  • The widget allows "IS NOT" criteria in Segment filtering

Additional Widget Setting:

This section allows you to choose the widget specific setting such as which metric you want to report on, which question etc.

  1. Choose the question type you want to report on (Example CES 1-7 or CSAT 1-10). This has to match with the question type on your survey. The full range of options are displayed below.
  2. Choose the question you want to report on - This can be linked to a specific question on your survey. Here you can have multiple questions to see a combination reporting.
  3. Metric - choose if you would like to see the score for example CES score or the average information.

The Calculation Used:

  • Average Score 
    • CES: Sum of all scores / # responses
    • CSAT: Sum of all scores / # responses
    • Rating: Sum  of all scores / # responses

  • CSAT Score calculation: # of positive scores / # responses
    • CSAT (1-5): 4 and 5 are positive scores
    • CSAT (1-10): 9 and 10 are positive scores

  • CES Score calculation: # of positive scores / # responses
    • CES (1-5): 4 and 5 are positive scores
    • CES (1-7): 5 to 7 are positive scores