Allows account managers to be alerted when they have not received a response from a contact who was sent a survey invitation. The number of days after which they should be alerted, the segment filters and the email template to be sent is configurable in the CG Platform.

From the list view you can:

  • Filter by rules status - active only, inactive only or see all
  • Edit or Delete a rule
  • To deactivate a rule go on the edit mode

How to set up

  1. Go to Setting Workflow Rules

  2. Hit the "+ New Rule" button
  3. Set the criteria you'd like to apply
    1. Choose the amount of days after the survey was sent that you would like to receive the email alert
    2. You can also add filters to send only the relevant alerts for the relevant people. The filters available here are the same for the Reporting, and also allows IS and IS NOT.
  4. Add the email address(es) of the recipient(s) that should be notified when a New Bounce happens for records matching the configured Conditions.
    1. To add multiple email addresses, separate them by comma. For example; 
    2. You can also use the Merge Tags available instead of an email address.
  5. The email content and email subject come pre-filled for easy of use, feel free to change the content. You can also add merge tags and you company logo if you'd like.
    Please note that only the content from "Contact Name" to ".. additional feedback" is editable. The remainder of the template is standard for all CG platforms.

  6. Name your Workflow Rule in the Rule Name field in a manner that you can easily identify the rule later on. We recommend giving a descriptive name.

  7. Choose to Activate this new workflow rule upon saving, or Deactivate it if you'd first like to make sure your teams are equipped to handle the alerts when they receive it.
  8. Hit the Save button, and you're all set up! 

    Want to stop receiving / sending Non Response notifications? You can deactivate the rule or hit the Delete button from the overview in the Workflow Rules