This feature allows Global Admin users to Merge Accounts, or add Account Aliases from inside the CustomerGauge platform.

The How to Guide:

Step 1: Verify if you have access to this feature. It is only available for GLOBAL ADMINS.  (Contact your Customer Success Manager to gain access to this feature).

Step 2: Go to Settings in the Menu, and then to "System Admin" feature. Once in the System Admin Feature, in the Data Admin Tab go to Accounts and click Manage Accounts. 

Good to know


Be careful while using the Merge Account. It will PERMANENTLY merge the Accounts to another Account and the original Account will be removed.

Reports, Escalation Email Rules, and other assets will not be updated

When merging please make sure the "Account to be merged" is not used in the listed assets, as that could have unwanted and unforeseen consequences.

Supported Import Processes

Account Aliases are currently supported on the following import processes:

If your import process is not listed above, an account will be created, even though an alias with that name already exists. We advice you to regularly use the Merge Account feature, until all import processes support the Account Alias functionality.

What does "Merge Account" do?

The Merge Account functionality allows you to merge one account ("Account to be merged") into another account ("Destination Account"). This will change the link of data from the Account to be merged to link to the Destination Account. As part of this merge, an Account Alias will also be created under the Destination Account, to aid future data flows. More on this below.

This is particularly useful if you have misspelled Account Names, slightly different spellings, or alternative Account Names from the various systems you may be integrating with.

Note: This is not intended to be used for Parent Account. The " Account to be merged" will cease to exist, and can not be recovered.

What does "Account Aliases" do?

With all the different data points you can add in CustomerGauge, chances are high that you also have to deal with different names for your Accounts in the various systems and tools you use. Account Aliases are a way for you to set up alternative names for an Account, so that when data comes in from your different systems, they can be recognized as the same Account. Pulling in Contracts from your billing platform, and your Accounts carry their legal name (e.g. “ACME Ltd.”), while you report on “ACME”? No problem! Set up an Account Alias on ACME for ACME Ltd. and we’ll store your contracts under ACME.

Account Aliases are supported in the following areas: