You can use this API to integrate your systems to Add or Update Contracts inside your CustomerGauge platform.

Contracts power the currently-being-developed Won/Loss, and Account Churn widgets — be ready for the near future!

Good to know

Authentication through OAuth2 only

We only support OAuth2 authentication on this API.

Existing Accounts only:

This API only accepts Accounts that already exist in your CustomerGauge platform. You'll have to create accounts first through uploading revenue, activities, or survey transaction data.

API response format:

This API returns data in JSON format

About this API

Resource Information

Response formatsJSON
Response familyContracts
HeaderAuthorization: Bearer XXXXX (Access Token)

Resource URL

Europe Production Server:

US Production Server:

Australia Production Server:

How to call

PUT Data

Provide the data, in JSON, in the body of the PUT request.


While the data should provided in a JSON object in the body of the PUT request, we've listed out the possibilities in the table below;

Data Type
reference (required to update an existing Contract)
String, max 128 characters
account (required)
String, max 255 charactersACME Industries
start (required)
Date, Y-m-d format
Date, Y-m-d format
String, max 150 characters
This is a descriptive text that tells you what this contract entails

Example Request

To call this API through cURL:

curl  -H "Authorization: Bearer XXXXX" -X PUT -d '{"reference":"ab12cd34ef56","account":"ACME Industries","start":"2020-01-01","end":"2021-12-31","description":""}'

Example Result

If successfully created, the HTTP response status will be "201".

If successfully updated, the HTTP response status will be "200".

Message reported on failed operation:

	"message": "The given data was invalid.",
	"errors": {
		"account": [
			"account at field is required."
		"start": [
			"The start field is required."

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