The Close the Loop Speed widget shows you the average time to Follow-Up on to Close overtime and compare against your relevant segments. Allowing you to check if there was an improvement on the Speed overtime or how your branches or countries are performing against each other.

Close the Loop Speed Overtime

Close the Loop Speed by Segment

  • This widget has global data access restriction option
  • This widget is able to filter by drivers

How to add a widget?

To add this widget to your report go to Add Widget → Close the Loop data source → Close the Loop Speed

Group by Setting:

Group by settings:

Date: This setting allows you to choose which period type you group your data by.

Available choices are Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Year.

Segment: This setting allows you to choose which of your segment fields to use to group your data by. The fields available depend on your system set up.

Additional Setting:

Time metric: This setting allows you to configure within how many hours someone has to have followed up on a case since the survey was completed (responded). 

NPS Loyalty: This setting allows you to filter on specific NPS loyalties. Surveys responses without the NPS score are currently not captured by this filter