With the Call Center delivery and feedback collection vector, you can have your surveys conducted in such a way that an agent at a call center calls your customer and asks them the survey questions directly on the phone while filling out and submitting the survey on their behalf. The results will flow directly into your CG platform in real-time, as they would with email & SMS surveys. 

What are the benefits? 

This solution is great for the following situations, among others:

  1. An extra way to reach more of your customers, which helps with your overall survey response rate.

  2. If you don’t have email addresses for some or all of your customer base, but do have their phone numbers

  3. If some or all of the phone numbers you have for your customers are landlines

  4. If your customers are more prone to doing business over the phone rather than via text message or email and are accustomed to receiving calls from you for other purposes as well

How does it work?

  1. Send the data over to CustomerGauge as you normally would, either by manual .xlsx/.csv upload, sFTP, CRM integration (e.g. Salesforce), or other API. 

  2. Indicate in your data file that these records are meant to be called, not sent an email/SMS (our support team/your CSM can help guide you here)

  3. We’ll instead generate a survey URL and send it to our call center, along with some basic information about your customer (like their name and phone number, for the purpose of making the call to conduct the survey)

  4. Our call center will phone up any contacts of yours that we sent across and will pull up the survey link we sent them and ask the questions to your customer over the phone

  5. The agent will fill out the survey based on the responses they receive from your customer over the phone.

  6. The response flows back into CustomerGauge, in real-time, and within about an hour you would also see the call recording posted on the customer details page in CustomerGauge, along with the other information (available immediately) relating to a survey response that you are accustomed to seeing there:

Customer Details Page with Call Recording:

If it’s been less than an hour and the recording is still processing:

Reporting - Data Transport Report:

When you click into the Data Transport Report, if you click "filter" in the top right corner, you are given the option to filter by the different delivery methods and can select "Call" to deep dive into only the records that were processed via the Call Center.

Some Common Questions

  1. Can I send an email first and follow up with a phone call if they don’t respond?

    Yes! Simply re-upload the data of the customers who haven’t responded yet, and this time indicate that they should receive a call rather than an email (see “How does it work?” point #2, above).

  2. Do I still have control over the phrasing/wording in the survey questions as well as the introductory script (as this is a phone call rather than an email/SMS invite)?

    Yes! The cost of the solution will include a training session with the agents in the call center. They will be placing the phone calls on our behalf, where you will be able to give the agents background information on your company as well as how you would like to present your survey questions. CustomerGauge will help you with this as well. 

  1. Can I ask any of the survey question types supported by CustomerGauge (NPS, Drivers, CSAT, open comment, etc.)?

Yes! All question types that we currently offer, including free-form comments, can be captured using our Call Center survey solution.

  1. Can I conduct phone surveys in languages other than English?

Yes! Our call center partner also offers the ability to survey in a variety of different languages. Some of these are the same price as English, however, others require a surcharge. This will depend on the language, so please contact your CSM with whichever languages you are interested in so that we may advise on the price. 

  1. Can I conduct phone surveys for customers located outside the U.S. or EU?

Yes! Right now, our current call center partner is based out of the EU, but can make calls to locations all over the world. Please let us know your region and language requirements and we can make you aware of any operational procedures.

  1. Is this GDPR compliant?

    Yes! Your customers' data will never leave the EU and never be stored on premise. You only need to share with the call center whatever data is necessary for placing the phone call and conducting the survey.

  2. What’s the typical response rate?

This will vary based on several factors, such as whether you will be attempting retries and, if so, how many per number before stopping for that number. That said, we have seen anywhere from 10-30% response rates for these call center surveys.


How much does it cost?

The cost of the call center solution varies and is dependent on several key factors, including: 

  • How many people you plan to survey via a phone call

  • How many times per year you would like to survey them

  • How many times you would like the call center to retry/call back in the event of a voicemail or no answer, and 

  • How long each survey will take to complete via phone (this directly correlates to the length/number of questions in your survey). CustomerGauge can help you with an estimate here, based on the length of your survey. 


Please reach out to your CSM and provide them with that information so that they can begin working with you on a quote if you are interested.