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Welcome to CustomerGauge’s NPS® & CX Benchmarks.

CustomerGauge provides you with Benchmarks (inside your platform) for metrics key to your program.

You can use these metrics to see how you are performing against your peers and also take inspiration from the recommended actions (listed below) for improvements you can implement to boost your score.

How to use?

Please read before using the Benchmarks report.

  • Type: This report provides information for B2B type customers.
  • Industry: The report is not Industry Specific. Applicable to all B2B companies.
  • Time Period: The report provides Benchmarks information based on the time period of the last 2 half years. It will be updated every half year to the latest information.
  • Filtering: The Benchmarks charts/data shown in the report are fixed. They WILL NOT change based on the date & segment filter applied to your report. Your information, however, will change based on the filters that you use.

Where to find: Standard Reports section in your Platform (Reports -> By CustomerGauge) -> Look for B2B Benchmarks.

How to read the charts?

  • The Benchmark Charts are based on percentile. The Line chart shows the trend from the 10th percentile (bottom 10% of the scores) to the Median to the 90th percentile (top 10% of the scores). 
  • Orange dot on the line chart indicates the Median.
  • For metrics such as Bounce Rate and Survey Abandonment Rate - the lower the score the better!
  • In the Highlights Chart section - 'Best in class' indicates the top 10% performers score.

Report Example

Metrics Covered & Recommended Actions:

MetricsWhat can you do to improve? 
(Recommended Actions)
Email Bounce Rate
  • Email Bounce rate is a share of emails not delivered because of invalid email addresses.
  • Clean your data - check that you have valid email addresses for your contacts.

Email Delivery Rate
  • Review how you are gathering customer email addresses.
  • Deliverability is impacted by poorly formatted email addresses, duplicates (de-duplication rules), previous unsubscribes, spam and bounces.
Email Open Rate
  • Let your contacts know they can expect your survey!
  • Personalize your email Subject Line with the name of your recipient or their account manager.
  • Avoid Subject Lines that could get caught in the spam filters.
Survey Click Rate
  • The invitation should be personalized and in your recipients' native language.
  • Avoid using images for Survey Buttons -  If recipients’ email servers block images or customers choose not to download images then the survey link will be lost.
Survey Abandonment Rate
  • Do you have a long Survey? Check relevance of survey questions. We recommend keeping it short and clear. 
  • Be fully upfront about how long the survey will take. 
Account Response %
  • If you survey only small percentage of the account, you can get really high response rate, but will not see the whole picture. Maybe the part of the account that you don't survey is not really satisfied, so in the end you can get more detractors and low NSP rate from the same account.
Response Rate
  • Check the relevance of survey questions. We recommend keeping it short and clear. 
  • Test for Mobile compatibility.
  • Set targets for response for Business units or Account managers.
Detractor Follow Up Rate (First Customer Touch)
  • Ensure there are enough resources to perform the follow up. 
Detractor Follow Up Speed (First Customer Touch)
  • Best Practice is 48 Hours.
Net Promoter Score
  • Net Promoter Score is the share of Promoters minus the share of Detractors.
  • Set SMART and realistic targets to increase NPS.
  • You will need to have stakeholder buy-in in order to ensure program success.

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