Sending a notification to your Account Managers will help them ensure they're gathering the feedback they expect to get.

Who can receive these alerts?

In order to receive these alerts the recipients must be users of the CustomerGauge system. (Non users will not receive the alerts and you can view this in the Workflow History section)

Good to know

Some Merge Tags are designed to work under certain conditions

Merge Tags used under conditions outside of their original design may not yield the intended results.

How to set up

  1. Go to Setting Workflow -> New Bounce

  2. Hit the "+ New Rule" button

  3. Set the Filters you'd like to apply - you can also opt to not have a filter to receive an alert for every new bounce.

    1. Choose the field you'd like to apply a Filter on. If the record that triggers the New Bounce event matches, the notification will be sent.
    2. Choose the Operator you'd like to use; the current available options are "is" or "is not"
    3. Choose the Value(s) you'd like to use to match the bounced record against.

  4. Add the email address(es) of the recipient(s) that should be notified when a New Bounce happens for records matching the configured Conditions.
    1. User List: To add multiple email addresses from the User list, simply start typing the email address and select it from the list.
    2. Merge Tag: You can also use any of the Merge Tags (recipients from the data) instead of an email address: Search for the merge tag you wish to use and select it from the list.

Recipient Merge Tags: For merge tags in the recipients list to work, the data in that segment must be populated with a single, valid email and the recipient must be an activated user.

  1. Change the Email Subject and Email Content accordingly — they come pre-filled for ease of use.

    1. You can choose to add any Merge Tags from the Merge Tags option to the Email Subject and Email Content.

  2. Name your Workflow in the Workflow Name field in a manner that you can easily identify the rule later on. We recommend giving a descriptive name such as "Send Bounce Notification to John Doe and Jane Doe for their Accounts".

  3. Choose to Activate this new workflow rule upon saving, or Deactivate it if you'd first like to make sure your teams are equipped to handle the bounces when they receive an alert.

  4. Hit the Save button, and you're all set up! When a New Bounce happens for a record matching the conditions, the recipients will receive an email notification.

    Workflow History:

    You can check the history of all the alerts triggered in the platform under Workflow History -> New Bounce