This widget allows you to track several key metrics for Tags and Topics in a table view.


This widget has the global data access restriction option

This widget has both IS and IS NOT filter operators

Adding the Widget

Add the widget to your report clicking on New Widget and navigating to Tags or searching for Tags Table.

Additional Settings:

Metrics to Display: Allows you to choose which metrics you'd like to display in the table. Metrics are displayed as columns in the table widget. There's no limit to how many metrics you can select.

Possible values: Responses, NPS, Promoter, Passive, Detractor, Positive Sentiment, Negative Sentiment, Neutral Sentiment, Mixed Sentiment and Unknown sentiment.

Type: Select if the table shows only Tags, Topics or both.

Possible values: Topics, Tags, All.

Page size: Select how many rows are shown in each page.
Possible values: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250.