The book “The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty” (2013, Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman, and Rick DeLisi)  introduced the latest version of the Customer Effort Score (CES 2.0).

This version changed the scale from a 1-5 to a 1-7 scale and reversed the order. Since the word “Effort” is fairly difficult to translate, they also changed the question to: “[The company] make it easy for me to handle my issue” and the end points are “1: Strongly disagree” and “7: Strongly agree”.

CustomerGauge fully supports the newer 1 - 7 CES 2.0 scale as well as the legacy 1 - 5 scale as a widget in the Survey Builder. You can easily add text to the end points (and we also provide a customisation that allows adding words to each point on the scale - ask the CSM team)

How we see CES in CustomerGauge: CES is NOT a replacement for NPS but rather an addition. NPS isn't always so good for high volume transactions such as support tickets as it's possible to deflate the meaning of the recommend question. CES on the other hand captures the most important driver (effort) on such transactions (at least according to CEB). 

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Some useful links: NPS® vs. CES - What's the difference? (Net Promoter Benchmarks)