Logging into your CustomerGauge System

  1. Please select the Region of your account. Ensure you have the right region for your account to be able to log in!
  2. Please provide your CustomerGauge Username. If you have forgotten your username, please contact your System Administrator for assistance.
  3. Please provide your Password. If you have forgotten your password please go to Step 5.
  4. Click the Sign In to log in. Note that after 5 unsuccessful attempts your account will be BLOCKED
    • If you were blocked please contact your System Administrator to unblock it for you.
    • If you provide an incorrect password immediately after your Administrator has unblocked you, you will be blocked again. 
  5. Click on the Reset button to reset your password
    • If you are blocked - please contact your administrator to unblock your account first before you reset your password.

MFA Enabled login

If Multi-Factor Authentication has been enabled in your account, you'll be prompted to enter a 6-digit code generated by your authenticator app.

1. Open the Authenticator app used to set up the Multi-Factor Authentication.

2. Type the code generated by the app into MFA VERIFICATION CODE field.

If you lost access to your codes or they're not working, visit the MFA support page for instructions.

Your Admin is also able to disable it for you without requiring a 6-digit code.

Resetting your password

1. Please provide your CustomerGauge Username and click on the Reset button

  • You will receive an email with a link to rest your password. If you do not receive your login details please wait 10 minutes to try again or contact your System Administrator.
  • Please note that for security reasons the system will not allow you to reset your password twice in a row (if you have already received a password and not used it).

Trouble logging into CustomerGauge? 

Here are some possible reasons:

Invalid password

Make sure your caps lock is not on, and that you haven't added any spaces before or after the password. If you are not sure whether you are entering the correct password, request a new password right away by clicking "Forgotten password?" in the login screen. Enter your username and you will quickly receive the new password via email. Alternatively, you could ask a system Admin to reset your password. If you enter an incorrect password 5 times, your access will be blocked. Once your access has been blocked, requesting a new password will not unblock your access - see Blocked access below.

Invalid or non-existant username

Make sure that you haven't added any characters like spaces before or after your username. If you are not sure whether you are using the right username, check with one of your System Administrator.

No access at this IP address
Are you trying to log in from a new location? If your CustomerGauge system uses the IP White List, you will only be able to access it from listed IP addresses. Check with a System Administrator to verify whether this may be the case.

Blocked access

As a security measure, your account will automatically be locked if too many incorrect sign-in attempts occur in a short period of time. In those cases, you will see an error message:

If you tried to log in unsuccessfully too many times, your user account will be temporarily blocked. Requesting a new password WILL unblock your access, otherwise you need to try again in 15 minutes. 

Please beware that sometimes users are deactivated by Admins on purpose, for instance if they moved to a different department or left the company. As CustomerGauge may not be able to verify the reason your account has been deactivated, we WILL NOT be able to activate it for you for security reasons - should that be the case we will refer you to your system Admin.

Your internet browser is too old.

CustomerGauge expects your browser to have certain features. Older versions may not have all the required features and so the login process will not work. For Internet Explorer users, IE8+ is required for the CustomerGauge tool. Also, please bear in mind that javascript is required to be enabled.

To check which version of browser you have please go here: https://www.whatismybrowser.com/.

If the pages does not say: “Your web browser is up to date” near the top of the screen please email us the page so we can review it. Look for the “EMAIL THIS INFORMATION” section around the middle of the page. 

Your browser cache may be the issue.

Your may have old files in what is called “browser cache”. Sometimes these files confuse the browser and you need to delete them.

To delete the cache in your browser follow the instructions for your browser here: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cache