Hierarchy is an advanced type of configuration in your CustomerGauge system, allowing you to view your data and reports based on your organization's hierarchical structure. If you have Hierarchy set up in your system, all reports (standard and custom) will allow for Hierarchy-based filtering. This means you can set up a whole report to show only data matching a certain branch of your organization's hierarchy - or even do the same at widget-level!

Please note: we only support up to 10k divisions! Due to the hierarchy structure it cannot be paginated.

Simply open the Filter panel to the right of the report, add a filter, and select the Hierarchy field (i.e. 'division'):

Once you click on the appropriate tier of the hierarchy (i.e. "APAC") and hit 'Apply Settings', the data in the report will be filtered to show only data for that tier of the Hierarchy and below, i.e. all APAC data:

Alternatively, edit an individual widget (by clicking the spanner icon in the top right corner of the widget), turn off the 'Use general settings' toggle for Filters, and add a Hierarchy filter:

Please note: the Hierarchy field may not be called 'Division' in your system. Please check with your Customer Success Manager if you are unsure which field to use as your Hierarchy filter.