To edit the Anonymous survey you have to go in via a different tool: Survey Builder. This was mostly replaced by Delivery Manager but it is still needed for anonymous surveys.

To edit your Anonymous Survey these are the steps you need to take.

1. Open the CG tool and login


2- Go to this URL:

Survey builder allows you to edit your surveys. You can change wording, add and remove Questions, Beware: all changes to the survey take immediate effect once you save them. So be careful  when using this functionality for live surveys!


3- Click on Anonymous Survey at the top to edit the first page of the Anonymous survey

4 – Click on the Edit survey page

5- Please note that page 2 (and others) can be set up and edited by clicking on Regular Survey.

And scrolling down to the Anonymous survey pages below:

6 You can’t push data from a question in a Segment field but have to have it fixed via the Hidden Question widget.  

Please do not remove the Hidden question widget.

The URL Post widget is where you set up the different url strings to push data into the response.