What is an Escalation Email?

An Escalation email is an email triggered when a new case is open based on a customer response. This may be based on score (i.e. NPS 0-6 opens a case) or based on a follow-up request from the customer.


What is a Workflow email?

A Workflow email is the automated email triggered when an open case is assigned to a specific user. The email is sent to the user informing them of the new case they're in charge of.

Can I schedule email sending?

We do not have a scheduler available. For CustomerGauge Essentials users, you need to hit Send in the Email Engine at the moment you want the emails to go out. For Business/Enterprise users, if you upload data using the In-App Upload feature, emails will be sent out immediately. The same is true for API upload. If you upload data to the SFTP, it will be processed and sent the following morning (CET). For Business/Enterprise users, it is possibly to set up a sending delay based on Order Date - ask your account manager for more information on this.

What is an Unsubscribe link and do I need one?

The Unsubscribe link is included at the bottom of every email template. In most countries/regions you are legally obliged to include this link in any survey invitation email, so we mandate its use in our system.

Why does my embedded NPS Question not show up for Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook does things differently. When using and changing an e-mail template with an embedded NPS question, it could be that HTML turns invalid by not properly closing HTML tags.

This is especially possible with HTML comments (starting with <!-- and ending with -->); you don't see them, but if not closed, Outlook might think that everything is part of that HTML comment.

We have encountered a case where there was an unclosed <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> tag, which caused the whole NPS question and everything therafter to "disappear".

Finding this tag and removing it should cause your full template to show up again.