Waterfall Report

Modified on: Mon, 17 May, 2021 at 7:42 PM

The Waterfall Report can be accessed from the menu under Reports ➝ By CustomerGauge.  Click on the Waterfall Report name or View button to open your report.  

Please note: The standard reports are not editable. If you do want to do that, you can make a Copy of the report. The copied report will be shown under the My Reports tab on Report Hub.

The Waterfall Report shows the impact each Self-Select Issue has on the overall Net Promoter Score®The main chart displays the impact of each main self-select issue, ranging from the biggest positive impact to the biggest negative impact on the NPS. For example, if the customer gives a score of 10 and selects 3 self-select issues, for each self-select issue a score of 3.3 is given. As all charts, you can print or download in the wanted format.

In the Filter option, you will find all the usual filter options for date type, date range, and various advanced options like country, company, or division. 

Click here for more information about On-the-fly settings.

The tables give a detailed overview of the weight of each self-select issue. You can also click through on the comments to go to the Responses page. The first table shows the Level 1 reasons and the second table shows Level 2 reasons, grouped by Level 1 reasons. And as on all our tables, you can export as XLS or PNG and click on the headers to sort the columns.

At the bottom of the page, you will find another chart, where the positive (green) and negative (red) reasons of the same category are grouped together for easy comparison. As all charts, you can print or download on the wanted format.

'Other reasons' & 'Other contributing factors'

“Other contributing factors” cover the records where no reasons have been selected, ensuring that the sum of all NPS contributions adds up to the total NPS.

"Other reasons" refers to self-select reasons which are not displayed in the widget because they exceed the maximum number of self-select reasons asset in the widget edit mode.

Explained below are the calculations made to the new Waterfall Reports in 4.0.

A respondent gives a score of 9 and selects the following reasons:

11000 Product
11010 Ease of use
12000 Support
12010 Competencies
12020 Service level

Each promoter contributes with 1 / No. of respondents to the Net Promoter Score. For instance, if you have 100 respondents then 1 promoter contributes 1% to your NPS. In the same example, a detractor contributes with –1% and a passive with 0%.
The Driver Diagnostics widgets split the contribution between the reasons.
The DD widgets the contribution is based on an equal weight of level 2 reasons. That is, each level 2 contributes 33% of the NPS contribution. However, level 1 reasons are calculated differently as the sum of respective L2 reasons:

11000 Product 33.3%
11010 Ease of use 33.3%
12000 Support 66.7%
12010 Competencies 33.3%
12020 Service level 33.3%

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