CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.65 - Released 3 July 2024

3 New Features

  • New Monetize 5.0 widget - NPS & Value Trend
    Enhancing our recently released Monetize 5.0 Suite, the NPS & Value Trend widget lets you see how your Net Promoter Score (NPS) affects your revenue. It shows you the ROI of your program, so you can easily spot the value of keeping your customers happy.

  • New Monetize 5.0 widget - Loyalty Movement Widget 
    Track how your accounts, and revenue, move between Safe, At Risk, and Unknown over different survey periods — stay on top of loyalty trends. Launched in the recent Monetize 5.0 Suite, you are now able to drill-down on the Loyalty Movement widget, allowing you to dig into exactly which accounts make up that wave of movement.

  • New System Language - Thai
    • ยินดีต้อนรับสู่ CustomerGauge! We have added Thai as a System Language that users can select as their preferred language. The System Language can be selected from My Profile, or by Administrators in the Users functionality when creating or editing other users. Users may need to log out and log in again for the language to take effect across the entire platform.

3 Feature Improvements

  • Monetize 5.0 widgets - NPS Lifecycle & Value Simulator

    • We’ve introduced an animation to draw attention that the sliders in the NPS Lifecycle & Value Simulator widgets can be interacted with.

  • Survey Suite

    • You now have the ability to change the order of answers of Radio, Checkbox, and Select Box questions. This can be done by the Question Owner, or System Administrators, straight from the Questions tab in Survey Suite, and applies to all surveys using that question.

    • Pop-up Surveys now have a simulated website behind the pop-up modal, helping drive the imagination of what it could look like on your website or web-app.

11 Feature Fixes

  • Survey Record Page

    • Solved an issue where the Comment Translation would overextend when too long, causing display issues.

  • Widget Export

    • Solved an issue where comments with certain special characters, such as line breaks, would cause the CSV file to be misinterpreted by Microsoft Excel.

  • Campaign Suite

    • Solved an issue where Primary Invitations were sent out incorrectly, after a Pre-invite to the same email address failed.

    • Solved an issue where SMS Short Links would not link to the survey correctly on some mobile devices, if the link ended in a hyphen character. This fix only applies to newly uploaded SMS invitations.

  • Survey Suite

    • Solved an issue where users would lose their changes when being idle for an hour while editing their survey, and then trying to save their changes.

    • Solved an issue where empty Custom Text widgets or Footers appeared as “undefined” on the survey.

    • Solved an issue where there was too little padding when editing your survey.

  • Imports

    • Solved an issue where it looked like you could save an unfinished Mapping.

  • Outgoing Webhooks

    • Solved an issue where backslash characters could cause the request body to break when sending JSON.

    • Solved an issue where a technical translation label would get displayed when deleting an Outgoing Webhook.

    • Solved an issue where the Division field would not return any values besides Global, if Division Hierarchy is enabled in your system. Please note that Division Hierarchy does not apply to Outgoing Webhooks, to ensure you have full control of which data flows through the Outgoing Webhook.